writing practice 6.xx

Target language:

  1. jump th shark 玩腻了

  2. I don’t have any more luck doing than

  3. I feel like I’m losing my bearings.忍无可忍

  4. throw a stick 满大街都是。

  5. cop a tone装腔作势


Paring: bucky/steve/bucky


Bucky didn’t have any more luck finding Steve than helping improve his health. Again, another backalley fight. He felt he was losing his bearings. 

“Do you ever jump the shark?”

“What...shark?” The skinny and almost-mummified-by-dressings guy frowned, a rather stern expression. Apparently he didn’t get it. But that wouldn’t stop him from picking up fights with tough bullies.

“What’s the word, THROW A STICK!!” 

They had run out of iodine, so he had to settle for warm water to merely clean the cuts. 

“I mean, you’ve already covered the whole Brooklyn with your nosebleed. What’s next? The Queens? Steve, you’v got to stop doing this.”

Bucky finished his medcare and rose to his feet. Looking down at his stubborn friend under the shaky ceiling, Bucky formed an overwhelming shadow, almost formidable. 

Steve looked up, with one eyebrow raised, waiting for his next lecture. Yet Bucky just patted him on the shoulder, intending to knead but somehow stopped.

“Come on, Buck. Stop copping the tone. I’m grown-up and rational enough to cover my own ass.”

“Whoa, language, Stevieeee--”

“Shut up.”

The night was dark. The wind was howling outside the window, trying to squeeze through the cracks in the wall. The light inside was dim and tender, and so was Bucky.