Writing practice 7.1

target language:

Get sb. cold完全掌握某人

Make decisions angry

Go off half-cocked没做好准备就行事

Off the grid秘密行事

The hell if ...

Home field advantage

Be in the wrong



What Jason hates Tim most is that his younger brother always gets him cold. No matter how off the grid he goes, Tim will, after precise calculations and logical reasoning, find the slightest clue and then, him. 

However Tim is generally ok with this “resurrected” brother. He is not the kind to find fault with others except that in too many cases Jason makes decisions angry, as his name, “Red” Hood, indicates. Jason sometimes goes off half-cocked, which, of course, is judged by the Red Robin criteria. When dealing with these extra damages, Tim often wonders how he’s gonna do,without him or Roy around.

But tonight, Jason went too far. They two cooperated on a case of children trafficking. The target was a Citadel general. They were supposed to hold the home fied advantage since they were in Gotham. Yet Jason again ignored the plan they both agreed upon and started banging around noisily. Of course he was good. Never missed a shot. But that was not the plan!!!

The hell if he got down the alien ahead of him. Tim thought to himself.

The combat turned into a competition. With fire, and bullets, and staff, and discs, and blood everywhere, twenty minutes later, the only people on their feet were the bat brothers. The general? He got a shot in one thigh, and a kick in his face, now wailing in the dirt.  

Jason would rather die than admit that he was in the wrong. Fortunately he is quite good at making coffee, by which he hoped he could survive the long night.