Dear sir and madam,

On my way to school I saw the poster about choosing a picture for promoting the incoming Reading Day. And I prefer the second one. 

My family cherishes a tradition of reading extensively. In our childhood our late father would read us stories and doctrines about Saddarma. It was those educative evenings that molded the current righteous integrity in us. After mother taught us to read and write, we began to read for ourselves. And a similar scene to the photo often occurred in our humble hut except with the drinks replaced by Brother Bheem’s favorite badoos. 

To tell the truth, the three adolescents in the photo are no other than my brothers Bheem, Arjun and me. It was taken a week ago, in the community library. I was reading a book about biological diversity, Brother Arjun military strategies and Brother Bheem, as always, books on Indian cuisine. The biology book was interesting, making me eager to meet the panda or sloth. But one problem of reading with Brother Bheem is that I can never read more than five minutes. Every time he opens a book, and gazes (with tremendous affection) at the golden, delicious, mouthwatering pictures of badoo or badoo or badoo, his black-hole-like stomach loses no time in growling, urging him to seek food. At such moments I have to put down my intriguing book on panda and take him to the nearest food supply. Should I disobey him, I will get my throat strangled and smart hairstyle ruffled. The same situation also occurs at two sharp, every midnight. I’m ruthlessly dragged out of my cutie-cutie dream heaven. What I don’t understand is: why does he clap his hand on my mouth? Does he wish to put me in eternal sleep or wake me up? Anyway, since Brother Bheem is my best friend, -- apart from my twin brother Sahadeva, my big brother Yudhishthira, and mother of course, I don’t mind the trouble to find food for him, or protect him, even if at the expense of my hairstyle, or terrible shadow under my eyes.

Oops...yeah, this composition is about the Reading Day, right? In my perspective, reading is a good habit for cultivating one’s temperament. As father once said, “A good book is like mirror, which can tell you whether your hair is in a mess or the colors of your attire not matching.” Speaking of which, where is my hand glass...Eh, in a nutshell, wish you a great success of the Reading Day!


                                                            Yours sincerely



Comments from the examiner:

The composition is too long and totally off the point except maybe the first two paragraphs. What’s your Brother Bheem’s gluttony to do with Reading? Do you still remember the second picture and promotion thing in the bottom of Daming Lake?

10 points.