Writing practice 6.7

i decided to pick some unfamiliar phrases and write sth. for self-improvement. welcome any suggestion, grammatical or lexical.

the pieces are really boring.


Target language:

  1. look the other way with sb.

  2. toss him in the brig

  3. take the lumps

  4. be in hot water

  5. dip our hand to sb.


Paring: batman/robin


Robin made a mistake. His flamboyant somersaults and bright yellow cape were too eye-catching to be missed by the villains, thus exposing their location. The night was a true failure.

Back to the batcave, Robin stood in the shadow of his sulky, always-computer-fidgeting mentor. “Sorry I dipped our hand to Penguin. I will be more careful next time. And I’m willing to take the lumps.”

Alfred, who was serving tea and cookies aside, shot a glance at the boy, his voice unfluctuating. “For more appropriate lexical choice, Master Richard, may I suggest ‘expose ourselves’ and ‘face the penalty’?”

As impersonal and demanding as usual, Batman was not a bit moved by this seemingly-sincere apology. Robin was tossed into the brig, the training room to be exact. 

“You shall not leave the room until you finish this special somersault training session.”